Friday, June 24, 2016

Pringles new cheesy quesadilla flavor chips review

I received a can of Pringles new cheesy quesadilla flavored chips to try out.  Since my husband never met a Pringle he didn't like, we were excited to try these chips.  The first can was mailed to me and arrived pretty broken up so I needed to receive a new package.  While I thought the broken chips may be destined for the trash, the can was quickly emptied.  Broken Pringles taste pretty good.

The next can arrived in much better shape.  With the name cheesy quesadilla, I expected corn chips.  I don't know why, but I did.  But these are regular potato chips with cheesy quesadilla flavoring.  I do have to say, they're pretty good.  After eating a few, my lips had just a hint of a burning sensation.  There's something just a little spicy in them.  I really like that. 

My first inclination was to dip them in either salsa or some kind of Mexican dip.  While that would have tasted good, as with any Pringle, they are thin and delicate.  I guess I didn't miss the dip, though, because I really liked the flavor.

These chips are perfect out of the can, but I could imagine using these as a coating for chicken.  In fact, I was disappointed that the broken chips were eaten because I was going to make crumbs for sautéed chicken.

I would definitely buy these again.  In my mind, they are not a replacement for corn chips, but a nice change from them.

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